2×2 Architects is the professional moniker for John Henden. The name is a reference to, among other things, the collaborative nature in which we like to work. So much so, we formed a cooperative with James Dale Architects (jamesdalearchitects.com) and share a studio with the DHaus Company (www.thedhaus.com) to be able to deliver bigger and better things. In short, we are a social bunch.

We think every project is a conversation; and like any good conversation, every one is different. Much like forming a cooperative with JDA we believe collaboration is key to arriving at the best outcome. No matter the scale of project, a constant dialogue with clients and other consultants allows for the development of any idea, and for it to fulfil its potential

With a passion for quality design and sustainable development, we aim to ensure every project is tailored specifically to the requirements and taste of our clients. From conception to completion, we provide a friendly professional service, and are very proud of our relationships with clients, which often last beyond the engagement of a project.


With experience in Manchester and Edinburgh for award winning practices, before settling back in native London, John has a passion for sustainable architecture. From writing his first paper on responsibly retrofitting an average British house in 2010, he has continuously developed an expert knowledge of upgrading old buildings to surpass current regulations in a practical way.

John also has a keen eye for detail. From beautiful observational drawings of public houses being featured in publications (shop.open-city.org.uk/collections/books/products/public-house), to the practical execution of detailing within construction; it is this critical application that is key across all stages of architecture.

John is a chartered Architect, registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and The Green Register (www.greenregister.org.uk).